Profanity in Books and Writing

Dysfunctional Literacy

WARNING!  Despite the topic of profanity in writing, there is NO profanity in the following article.  No caution is necessary while reading (but don’t click on the links if you’re offended easily). 


I hardly ever use profanity in my personal life.  The two exceptions are during football games and while I’m stuck in traffic.  And when I write for Dysfunctional Literacy, I rarely use inappropriate language.  Even when I wrote about the etymology of certain vulgar words, I used signs like @, %, *, and # most of the time to take the place of letters.  I really didn’t want to spell them out.

I notice profanity in writing.  I think some authors put way too much foul language in their books, especially in their dialogue.  It won’t stop me from reading a book, but it might keep me from reading another book by that author (if the profanity…

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